A Bird’s Eye View of PreK-3rd: Spotting Changes at the National and Federal Level
Click Here, Lisa Guernsey, Presentation at Erikson Institute, March 31, 2011

Family Engagement: Finding Common Understandings and Methods to Assess Family Engagement: Part II
Click Here Ohio’s SOAR Alternative Response Project

FirstSchool: Improving the PreK-3rd Grade School Experience of African-American, Latino, and Low Income Children
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MNAFEE Conference 2013 - PreK-3rd Grade
Click Here for File One of our discussion topics was early childhood administration. While you play a critical role, please keep in mind that other administrators are also required in order to make the model successful. It is for this reason that PreK-3rd Grade conferences (e.g. MDE in 2011, Harvard PreK-3rd Institute in 2012, and Northland Foundation in 2013) often require team registrations. PreK-3rd is a collaboration and shared efforts. Thankfully, momentum is growing and others are understanding the importance of early childhood and alignment. For example, the Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association (MESPA) is lobbying for the model.
If you do not yet have adequate support from other district administrators, you can still move forward with strategies, practices and improvements you can control or influence.

MNAFEE Regional Workshops - Fall 2013
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Moving Forward: Building the Capacity for Effective Family and Community Engagement
Click Here Karen L. Mapp, Ed.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education

P-3: Tackling Achievement Gaps Early Click Here
July 9, 2012, Atlanta, Education Commission of the States

PreK-3 Alignment What it is and How to Make it a Reality
Click Here, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, San Mateo County Office of Education, Jefferson Elementary School District

PreK-3rd Grade: A Comprehensive Approach Click Here
August 3, 2012, Webinar
Kristie Kauerz, University of Washington

PreK to Grade 3 PowerPoint and planner from 2011 MNAFEE Conference
PreK to Grade 3 Presentation
Discussion Planner

Pre-school through 3rd Grade (P-3): Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Click Here
November 13, 2012, Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care
by Kristie Kauerz, University of Washington

Presentations from Aligning PreK to Grade 3 Systems for Success conference at MDE
Making the Case for PreK-3rd - Dr. Kristie Kauerz
A Value Chain that Starts in Preschool - Dr. Jerry Weast