Minnesota PreK-3 Implementation
Minnesota PreK-3 Implementation Model

Model Components


This page contains information and resources that will help you understand our view of implementing PreK-3 systems. The model above contains three main components and two results.

One moral imperative guiding the model:

  1. Make a difference in the lives of children by collaborating to improve child outcomes.

Two key assumptions of the model:

  1. Throughout every level, the model is focused on building, developing, and supporting adult capabilities. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes of all adults in the PreK-3 system is an essential ingredient. Therefore, capacity-building is not a separate component in the model because it is integrated with and necessary throughout.
  2. All PreK-3 capacity-building efforts should be systemic, integrated, and sustained.

Three main professional development opportunities ("Lead. Learn. Build.") designed to support PreK-3 implementation:

  1. PreK-3 Principal Leadership Series (Lead)
  2. Learn: FirstSchool Online Course (Learn)
  3. Build: Building PreK-3 Systems: From Alignment to Coherence (Build)