Creating the Path from Pre-K to Grade 3

“If we are to prevent the achievement gap and develop a cradle-to-career educational pipeline, early learning programs are going to have to be better integrated with the K-12 system.”
- Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

Conference Announcement:
Creating Pathways from Pre-K to Grade 3, Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

In Minnesota, 28 percent of our 4th graders are not reading at grade level, our demographics are changing rapidly and we have one of the largest achievement gaps in the country. While we have decades of research that demonstrate the positive effects of early childhood programs, we now have a critical mass of research that extols the value of extending early childhood programs into the primary grades. Integrating high-quality early childhood programs into the K-12 system is one of the most effective things school districts can do impact learning and achievement. The most successful educational programs for our youngest children need to be comprehensive, span multiple years, and focus on important transition points.
This is a research-to-practice conference. School administrators will learn the latest research on effective programs and practices from one of the preeminent researchers on the topic, Arthur Reynolds. The focus will then turn to how we can effectively create and implement a comprehensive, integrated, and aligned early childhood to grade 3 system. Learn from a panel of school officials how they have incorporated EC-3 practices and programs into their K-12 systems.