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Articulating Assessments Across Childhood: The Cross-Age Validity of the Desired Results Developmental Profile–Revised
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T. M. Karelitz, D. Parrish, H. Yamada and M. Wilson, Educational Assessment, 15:1–26, 2010
Identifying and validating an alignment structure between instruments is an essential component of the assessment development process.We present the methodology for establishing cross-age validity using the Desired Results Developmental Profile–Revised (DRDP–R). The DRDP–R assessment consists of a set of instruments designed to track children’s socio-emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral development across three age groups from kindergarten through 12 years old.

Curricula: What, How and Why
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FirstSchool Framework for Curriculum and Instruction, A
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Position statements on Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation
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