Administrator Effectiveness


Goal & Strategies*

Administrators (district superintendents, school principals, early childhood directors) actively create a culture and organizational structures that ensure the quality of PreK-3rd grade learning.

Visible Leadership

Administrators demonstrate that PreK-3rd is a priority to both internal and external stakeholders

Example Implementation Indicators

District Administrators/Community Leaders

  • Increase the number of and strengthen partnerships between districts, Head Start grantees, child care organizations, municipalities with early learning initiatives, extended-learning programs, and other community-based programs.
  • Develop clear and consistent communication about PreK-3rd as a priority in both internal (e.g., district strategic plans, teacher newsletters) and external (e.g., web sites, family newsletters) platforms.
  • Establish expectations that principals and program administrators focus on core PreK-3rd goals and minimize the number/variety of initiatives that compete for teachers’ attention.

Principals/Site Administrators

  • Increase the number of partnerships between elementary schools, the early learning programs that feed into them, and families.
  • Strengthen the consistency and depth of partnerships between schools and local early learning programs so they are perceived to be meaningful and mutually beneficial.


Continuing Education

* Kauerz, K. & Coffman, J. (2013). Framework for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating PreK-3rd Grade Approaches. Seattle, WA: College of Education, University of Washington.